Q. 1

What is the Free Market Physician Clinic?

a.      Free Market Physician is a Direct Primary Care Clinic with branches in Neosho and Joplin. We provide affordable, high-quality primary care for a low monthly membership fee.

Q. 2

What is Direct Primary Care?

a.       Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare delivery. They key is that it is direct. Physicians have a direct relationship with their patients. Patients can contact their physician as needed by phone, text and email. There is also a direct payment relationship. Instead of using a third party like an insurance company, patients pay the physician directly. You work for whoever pays you. We don’t want to work for insurance companies. We work for you, our patients.

q. 3

What services are offered at Free Market Physician?

a.       Patients are able to get all their primary care visits for a low monthly fee. This includes well visits and sick visits. Patients are able to get after-hours consultations for urgent issues by phone, text, and email. Some procedures are also available. Members are also able to get labs and medications at cost.

Q. 4

What medications are available?

a.       Each clinic location has a small dispensary of medications with the ability to order in other medications as needed for patients. We are not able to order all the medicines that pharmacies have access to, but we are able to provide most medications that our patients need. We can always send prescriptions to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice as well. We do not dispense and generally do not prescribe any controlled medications.

Are you able to draw labs on site?

a.       In most cases, labs can be drawn at the time of a visit to the clinic.

Q. 5

Q. 6

Is a Free Market Physician membership the same as having health insurance?

a.       We encourage maintaining some sort of insurance coverage to address expenses incurred outside of the clinic. Free Market Physician membership along with a high-deductible insurance plan or health care ministry plan can often be an affordable and relatively complete combination of products.

Q. 7

What happens if I need to see a specialist?

a.       We are able to refer to refer you to specialists and help coordinate your care. When prudent, we do our best to keep your care in-house. But if a referral is indicated, we help you select reputable, caring specialists for consultation.

Q. 8

Does Free Market Physician accept health insurance?   

a.       We do not take reimbursement from any form of health insurance. Our freedom and ability to provide healthcare in a manner pleasing to you and us depends on who we accept payment from. We work for whoever pays us. If we take payment from you, we work for you. If we take payment from an insurance company, we work for them. We have chosen to work for you.  

Q. 9

Is there any reason for Free Market Physician membership if I am healthy?

a.       We try to be more than a “sick clinic.” We are eager to consult with you on your wellness needs and customize our care to what your needs are. We are here to give you our time: whether that be to address illness or to help you develop an exercise and diet plan. We are here to give you our time as you need us.

Q. 10

Can you see my family members?

a.       As family practice physicians, we can see patients of any age. Seeing all members of a family helps us understand each family member better and know how to best provide care for them. We hope to see your entire family.

Q. 11

What are your rates?

a.       We charge $70 per month for each enrolled adult and $30 per month for each enrolled child. The most we will charge for a family is $200 per month. We also offer a discounted rate for businesses.

Q. 12

Do I have to sign a contract to be seen?

a.       Our intent is to have long-term relationships with our patients- to get to know you well and take care of you well. Our membership services are contingent on a one year contract.

Q. 13

How do I sign up?

a.       Give us a call and we will get you scheduled for your first visit. When you come in for your first visit we will help you fill out the enrollment paperwork.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call either our Neosho office (417) 283-4953 or our Joplin office (417) 208-2293.