PRICING & Key benefits

Individual rate: $70

per month per adult

CHILD rate: $30

per month per child under 18

business rate: $60

per month per adult

family rate: $200

per month maximum monthly rate per family

Services Covered as part of Membership Fee:

  • Unlimited visits: no co-pays!

  • Same-day availability: Get same-day visits for urgent issues. Please call by noon for same-day appointment.

  • 24- hour access to your doctor via email, text, and phone

  • Available in-clinic procedures (These would be procedures available in most primary care settings including joint injections, skin biopsies, cryotherapy, and suturing among others.)

  • Medications at cost: that’s a HUGE savings! It may justify the membership fee for some

  • Labs at cost: also another huge savings

The only additional expenses to the monthly membership fees will be for medications and supplies used. Any medications prescribed and dispensed at the clinic will be charged at the cost for us to obtain them. Likewise, any labs ordered and drawn at the clinic will be at the cost to process the labs.

KEY Benefits


There are many reasons to choose a Free Market Physician membership. Perhaps the most important is the peace of mind you get knowing that you are never more than a phone call, text or email away from receiving excellent medical care when you and your family need it.

  • Your physician will take time to get to know you. You will have a physician that understands you and your unique needs.

  • Your physician does not look at you as just a number, but as an individual in the context of your family and lifestyle.

  • You have direct access to your physician. There is no wall of administrators and nurses between you and your doctor.

  • Your physician and nurses care about your time. We will work to get you timely and on-time appointments. We will work to respond promptly and completely to your communications with us. Customer service is a real thing here!

  • Your physician and nurses work to contain your expenses. We shop for the best prices for your in-house labs and meds. We order additional studies and specialist consultations conservatively, considering both your health and finances.

  • Your physician works actively to stay up-to-date on the best medical practices. He or she is not practicing medicine based on current practices from when they graduated medical school. They actively work to give you the best medical care possible.